Making a soul edge on a pair of booties

How do I knit this part of my pattern:

Sole edge: using right hand needle pick up the 1st st of the row 4 rows below, slip onto left hand needle and knit this and the 1st st of needle together. Continue this all along row, picking up the corresponding stitch 4 rows below next stitch. This produces a neat sole edging.

I’m would consider myself an novice knitter and have never seen this before....any help would be appreciated.

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Oct 22, 2020
Making a sole edge on a pair of booties
by: Ratchadawan


Just imaging you're sewing a hem of skirt and you have to fold the bottom part of the fabric up and then sew it together with the main part of the skirt.

You instruction is somewhat like that. You knit one stitch from the left needle with one stitch from row 4 below together. One by one in correspondent column. You will keep doing it until all sts from the left needle and the sts from 4 row below are all gone.

Here is a video that might help explain it better than I did.

Thanks for visiting and question. Have a great evening!

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