Knitting query~disconnected pattern.

by Tina

I am knitting a triangular shaped shawlette with ruffles on circular needles, garter stitch.  The pattern has 4 sections.  The first is setup rows (first section).  At end of 5 rows the pattern shows 15 stitches due to increasing.  However the body pattern (second section) starts on row 1 again and calls for 6 stitches only.  Then the edging pattern (third sections) starts on row 1 yet again and calls for 6 stitches to begin.  The pattern does not advise to use markers or does not show ws or rs.

How do u keep knitting on circular needles when the stitch count does not match?

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Feb 15, 2021
by: Ratchadawan

Hello again, Tina

I just finished with the first question you send and just realized that this is the same question I read before but with a more details.

When you mentioned that the shawl has a ruffle edge, then I realize that this has to be a short row knitting between the body and the edge. That's why it asks to work only 6 sts out of those 15. In order to create the ruffle effect, you have to work the edge back and forth more times than you work the body.

I can tell you more if you take a picture and email me at; I can read it better if you sent it to this email.


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