Increasing when knitting Sleeves

by Lorraine Bell
(Wellington, New Zealand)

A lot of instuctions for knitting sleeves say something like this:
Inc 1 st at each end of 1st and every foll 4th row.
Does this mean I increase 4 stitches every 4 rows or just 2, once every 4th row?

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Sep 05, 2022
Increase on sleeves
by: Jan

Thank you so much! I was so confused! Now I know where to go for help.

Dec 30, 2020
Help with sleeve
by: Dawn

Can someone help me please Ii have cast on me 34 stitches done wot I had to do I have now changed my needles to 4mm and got to work in st-st throughout can someone help me now with the inc bit it’s telling me to inc 1 st at each end of 5th and every following 4th row till 34 sts inc 1 st at each end of every following 6th row till 40 sts I’m confused can someone write this out in rows what I need to do like row 1 knit Row 2 inc so I no exactly wot to do I’m a beginner and I’m very confused please help anyone

Aug 06, 2020
by: Anonymous

Check you row numbers. Row 9-11?

May 03, 2020
increasing when knitting sleeves
by: Ratchadawan

Hell Lorraine,

"Inc 1 st at each end of 1st and every foll 4th row."

This means you increase 1 st at each end on the next row (count at 1st row) and then increase at each end again on every 4 rows.

So, your work would look like this;

next row (row 1): inc
row 2-3: work even
row 4: inc
Row 5-7: work even
Row 8: inc
Row 9-11: work even
Row 12: inc

and so forth until you reach the number of stitches required or as many time as instruct.

Thank you for your question.
Take care,


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