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Increasing Sleeves

by Hannah

Please can you help me with my sleeves pattern
Do I increase a new st at every end of a row
So I increase one st then knit a line and then increase

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May 08, 2022
by: Anonymous

Rows NEW
by: Anonymous

For the next part it’s says to inc 1 st at end of row 3 rd next stitch and every following to 10 th row


This doesn't make sense to me. Can you copy what it says exactly please?


May 04, 2022
by: Anonymous

Repeat increase on every 10th row until you have 54 stitches.

Please could you help me this this.

Do I knit ten normal rows and start increasing.

Or do I increase a stitch on each row for 10 rows but then I did this and have more stitches than needed



You knit 9 rows and then increase on the 10th row. Keep doing this increase every 10th row until you have 54 sts.


Apr 24, 2022
Increasing in sleeves
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Hannah,

Your do increases at different point of work.
Make sure to increase a stitch on both ends of the row that you increase. Always have 2 sts-increasing on each increasing rows.

For your sleeves,

Increase 1 st at each end of a row on 11th row (in another word, knit even without inc for 10 rows and then inc on the 11th row)

and then inc 1 st at each end of a row on the following 10 row. (in another word, knit 9 rows even and then inc on the next row). Repeat increase on every 10th row until you have 54 stitches.

Then continue working even for 7 rows, ending with rs facing. Break of yarn A.

Using yarn B, inc 1 st at each end of the 3rd row. and then on every following 10th row to get 60 sts.

Hope this helps you. Happy Knitting!


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