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increase then decrease same row

by Anne

lace pattern chart

lace pattern chart

Hello! I am relatively new to knitting.

Pattern for lace shawl. Row has both YO to increase and then SK2p to decrease - the numbers work out but in the chart, the SK2P takes up only one "stitch box" whereas it requires three stitches to perform?

Do I start the SK2P earlier? Or do I turn , purl two stitches back, then turn and do the SK2P? Or other method?

(RS) p2, kfb, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, SK2p, p2

row increased by one for pattern edge (kfb)

numbers work out - two yarn overs increases (up 2 stitches) and then one SK2p decrease (down 2 stitches) but the SK2P is only one box on the chart, and when you get to it there are only three stitches left, one stitch for the SK2P and then two stitches for the final p2.

Not sure what to do? !!

Thank you.

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Apr 26, 2020
yarn over
by: Anonymous

Thank you! I didn't realize that the "yarn over" part counts as the stitch. Makes sense now. Thank you for responding. Looking forward to knitting this pattern.


No problem! Have fun making the shawl.


Apr 26, 2020
decrease an increase in the same row - lace chart
by: Ratchadawan

Hello Ann,

I understand your frustration but don't worry this should works out just fine. It's true that the "SK2P" is only showing in one stitch slot when in fact in takes up 3 sts to make one. Where are the 2 spaces go? Well, they go to the "YO"s spaces. The yarn over sts don't need to go over anything in reality. They just squeeze in between the two stitches. Therefore, they yo stitches and the sk2p will canceling each other out.

so, you can rest assure and start knitting away without worry. Just follow the chart and you'll be fine.

Best to your lace shawl project. Have a great day!


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