Increase stitches evenly in a row.

by Susan
(GB Mi)

The row I'm increasing says K4, knit to last 4 sts - increasing 11 sts evenly across, K4. 56 stitches (45 stitched cast on) How do I evenly space them?

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Nov 15, 2020
increasing evenly
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Susan,

you want to keep the first and last 4 sts per direction but increase evenly between them. So, what we have left to work with is the 37 sts. in the middle. We want 11 sts increase. So we divide 37 by 11 and get 3 and 4 remaining. Now we have some idea that majority of the increases will take place every 3rd sts. but still have 4 sts remaining. So what we have to do is to spread these 4 sts out to some of the 3. We would end up having to increase every 3 and some every 4 sts.

So we can do it like this;

k4, (k4,m1)twice, (k3,m1) 7 times, (k4,m1)twice, k4.

or it can be like this;

k4, (k3,m1), (k4,m1) (k3, m1),( k4, m1), (k3,m1)3 times, (k4,m1), (k3,m1), (k4,m1),(k3,m1),k4.

You can do it anyway you like; You just want to have 4 sets of (k4,m1) and 7 sets of (k3,m1)

Thanks for the question. Have a fun knitting day!


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