Increase on sleeves on pattern

by Heather Kerkman

Pattern instructions

Pattern instructions

I am knitting an Aron jacket. On sleeves there are 12 rows that form the pattern. First increases were on the 5th and 11th row of pattern at beginning and end of rows.
Now it says continue in pattern increase 1 stitch at each end of every 6th row.
Does this mean that I increase on the 6th row of the pattern or that I increase on the 6th and 12th row.
I would appreciate your comments
I attached a picture of instructions

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Nov 07, 2020
increase on sleeves
by: Ratchadawan

you're welcome. Glad it works out!


Nov 06, 2020
Increase on sleeves
by: Anonymous

Thank you. That makes so much sense as I will be increasing on the 5th and 11th row every time which is what the 1st increases are on
Thank you for your help

Nov 04, 2020
increase sleeve
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Heather,

I'm sorry that I can't read the pattern very well. It's all blurred. Good thing that you explain it in writing. The moss st pattern has 12 rows repeat of its own and row 6 and row 12 of the pattern has nothing to do with your next increase.

To in crease every 6th row is to do as follow;
Starting from where you're now, you will count the next row as your 1st row followed by 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th rows. Then on the next row or 6th row, you will inc 1 sts at each end. Then repeat this process until you have the amount of stitches required.

I hope I don't make it more confused. Thanks for the question and visit. Have fun knitting!


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