Hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) to help treat coronavirus

by ratcha

hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil)

hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil)

You may have heard about a drug called "Hydroxychloroquine or plaquenil" if you are a Lupus or RA patients. I'm so glad to hear that hydroxychloroquine may help treat coronavirus when combining with another antiviral medicine called remdesivir. Of cause, we don't know for sure if this will work but the study is underway. Let's hope it will work!

I'm too familiar with this drug since I've been on it for almost 30 years. My doctor prescribed to me when I first diagnosed with Lupus in the 90. I don't feel any effects of the drug on my body. Unlike prednisone which made me looks puffy and hungry. Thanks goodness, I'm off prednisone for many years now. Plaquenil is a photosensitive drug and can cause skin discoloring when expose to the sunlight. Well, so does Lupus. So, sun and I are pretty much enemy! It's tired me out or worsen my condition.

If this is proven to be true then I'm sure we'll be short of plaquenil or we have to pay higher price for it. There was already a news about how people stocking up this drug. I hope that the government will find way to help out people who rely on this drug and those can't afford a higher prices. I just want everybody to get treat and get well. That's all for now.

Be kind, wash your hands and stay safe!


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