How To Increase One Stitch At Each End Of Every Following 10th Row


How do I do this: increase 1 stitch at each end of every following 10th row.


Work 9 rows, then on the next row (10th row), you increase one st at the beginning. You can use any increase method you like. Many knitters prefer k in front and back of the same st as shown in a video below. Then you work to the last st of the 10th row and do another increase. Now you should have 2 extra sts on this row. Make sure to use a row counter or paper and pencil to keep track of the rows. Then work row 11 -19 without increasing. Then do increase on row 20th just as mentioned in row 10th. Then you would work row 21-29 without increasing, and then increase again in row 30th. Continue working in this manner until you have reached the desired number of increases. Count stitches to make sure that you have the same number of stitches as required by the pattern.

I hope my suggestion helps you and thank you for sending in your question. Have a great day!


Here is a video showing "How To Knit In Front And Back Of The Same Stitch

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