How to icord on purlside

Pattern reads;

K2 m1 slip 3
next row: P4 m1 p2
Instead of making I cord on front it is just a strand of yarn going across stitches instead of pulling them together.
Next row:K2 m1 k2 slip 3.

Help please.

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Feb 23, 2023
knitting an icord on the purl side
by: Ratchadawan

This is a very interesting way of knitting a icord.
It's okay to have the string going across the row. This will help the pull the side stitches inward and it willl roll up into an icord.

You can go ahead and follow instructions from those 3 rows and then the upcoming rows that you didn't show me should be the repeated ones. Once you keep doing them for awhile, you'll start to see the icord forming.

This is a very strange way of working an icord, I would say. It's work half way of the right side and halfway wrong side in one row.
I would prefer using double pointed needles and work just on the right side row like in the video below.

Do you still need more help? should I make a video clip to show you? let me know.


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