How to cast off in groups of 2sts using a crochet hook.

by kathy

crochet bo more flare

crochet bo more flare

I have knitting instructions that say to cast off using a crochet hook.

I know how to cast off with a crochet hook.

The instructions say to cast off in groups of 2sts, with 3ch in between the last 3ch will connect with the last stitch.

As there are an odd number of stitches after 3 groups of 2sts make a group of 3sts in the centre, then 3 groups of 2sts again.

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Mar 05, 2021
Crochet bind off in a group of 2 sts
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Kathy,

I'm not totally clear about the instruction.
If it says to cast off in a group of 2 sts then I would do it in a group of 2 st all the way. If you happen to have a st leftover then you can bind off the last one on its own.

Now the question I face is that how this group of two stitches should be worked. Should you bind off 1,1, chain 2, bo 1,1, chain 2 or should you bind off 2sts tog at once then chain 2, then bo 2 sts tog again.

That is something you have to decide I guess. I tried both type of bind off and I think I like the first option better. You can see the photos above.

I'm not sure if I'm helping you at all but I hope at lease it will give you some idea.

Thanks for sharing this.
Have fun knitting!


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