How do I modify a pattern with a motif in it?

heart-chart suggestion

heart-chart suggestion


I have a pattern for making a heart which is a 21-stitch pattern. I have made a small swatch following the instructions for the 21 stitch pattern, and the heart came out fine. I now want to make a baby blanket with the "heart" pattern incorporated into the blanket. I cast on 100 stitches for the baby blanket (maybe a bit too few stitches, but I'd prefer not to have to start all over as I've already knit 4-5 rows). How can I incorporate the "hearts" into the pattern in such a way that the hearts will be evenly spaced?

By the way, I tried knitting the first couple rows of the 21 stitch pattern, and I did not have enough stitches left to finish the "heart" at the end of the row when I just keep repeating the 21 stitch pattern throughout the 100 stitches. I can figure out that I need to leave some "intermediate" stitches in between trying to start the heart pattern over, what I'm having trouble figuring out is how many "intermediate" stitches should there be before I start over with the heart pattern. If it helps, all the "odd" rows are K2, P17, K2.

I do not have a photo to post. However, if it will help, I can tell you what the instructions are for the "heart" pattern. The first two rows are both Knit, Row 3 (and all "odd" rows) are K2, P17, K2. Row 4 is knit. Row 5 same as Row 3. Row 6 is where the heart pattern begins to take shape. Row 6 instructions are K10, yo, ssk, K9. Row 7 is again K2, P17, K2. Row 8 is K8, K2tog, yo,K1,yo,ssk,k8. Row 9 same as all the "odd" rows. Row 10 instructions K7, K2tog, yo,K3,yo,ssk,k7. Row 11 "odd" row again. Basically the continuing rows start out with decreasing the k by one stitch at beginning of rows.

I hope you understand my question. Thanks for your help.

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Jan 03, 2018
you're welcome
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Claire,

I'm not good at math either but I can get by. It all happens to us just a matter of when.

I'm glad I can help your with your knitting.

Have a wonderful day!


Jan 02, 2018
Thank You very much
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I know it was a time when a lot of people were away for the holidays, so no worries. I appreciate your answering. When I see your answer, it doesn't seem like it was that hard to figure out, but for some reason, I was not "getting it" when I tried. Math is not my strong suit, as you can probably tell.


Dec 31, 2017
Heart Motif For A Blanket
by: Ratchadawan


I'm sorry if I answer this question late. I just got back from Vacation.

I've made an alternated chart sample using your information you gave me. I added 1 st on each side of the heart pattern to make it 23 sts. total. There are some changes to make along the way on each rows. I added one st at the beginning and an end of each row as you can see in the chart.

You can make 4 heart patterns for 100 sts and still have 8 sts remaining. So, we'll break these 8 sts in halves for the beginning and the end of each row.

So, you will start out with K4, on row 3, then begin the first heart patterns and k4 on the last 4 sts. You will have 7 knitted sts total at the beginning and the end of the each odd row (not counting row 1). You will have 6 knitted sts between each heart on odd rows.

I hope my calculation wasn't come out wrong. Let me know how it turns out.

Happy New Year!


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