How do I knit this row?


K5, cable over next 4 sts, (k1, m1, k1, cable) across row, end with k5.
You start with 68 sts. At the end you should have 77 sts.

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Mar 14, 2018
How to knit this row
by: Ratchadawan


Start out with k5, then do cable in the next 4 sts (follow cable instruction from the pattern. If there is none then you can do cable like this; slip the next 2 sts on a cable needle and place it in front of work. Knit the next 2 sts off the left needle. Then knit the 2 sts on the cable needle.)
After that do several sets of (k1, m1, k1, cable over 4sts) until you have last 5 sts left. Then just k5.

Note: The m1 is to make one increase. You can choose to do anyway you like.

After finished answering your question, I decided to make a video for you. It took awhile for the wait but I think it will help you see it more cleary.

Here is the video:

Have a great day!


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