How do I K1,*yfwd,K1, rep from* to end..

by Marie
(New Zealand)

the pattren I am working on Say's to do the following,
K1,*yfwd,K1, rep from* to end....
1st and alt rows - Knit.

2nd row-K1,* yfwd,K1,rep from* to end.....17 sts
4th row-K1,* yfwd,K1,rep from* to end.....25 sts
6th row-K1,* yfwd,K1,rep from* to end.....33 sts

Then it Say's to Cont inc in this manner ( Working one st more each
time between yfwds) in alt rows untill the row "K1,* yfwd,K35, rep from* to end"
has been worked.... 289 sts.

Row's one,3,4, Are knit Row's.

Then the Note - When number of sts becomes too great to fit comfortably on
Needles, chyange to Circular Needles.

Could some one Please tell me the right way to do this,
As at the moment I am on Row 42 ( i would say i have over 400 sts now )

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Nov 08, 2017
Additional comment
by: Ratchadawan

I just want to add more comment on this question.

Every time you see the word repeat from *, you have to look at what comes after the * then you will follow that instruction. For example, you mentioned " K1,* yfwd,K35, rep from* to end". In this example, you will do, K1, then yfwd, k35, and then keep repeating yfwd and k35 over and over again until the end.

When your needles are too full and hard to manage sts, you can transfer them to circular needle that is long enough to hold them. Do this at the end of the row will make it easier.

Here is a vide I just made to explain the *yfwd, k1; rep to end of row


Nov 03, 2017
How do I K1,*yfwd,K1, rep from* to end..
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Marie,

You can do K1,*yfwd (yarn forward), K1, rep from* to end as follows;

K1, bring yarn in front of work and knit a stitch with yarn over needle. Next, you will have to repeat the " yfwd,k1" again and again until you complete the row. The asterisk (*) symbol indicates the begining of a repeat pattern.

I would make a video for you if I was home but I'm currently traveling and I don't have equipment and supply with me. Let me know if you're still not quite sure how to do this and I will do a viedo for you when I get back home.

Have a great day!


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