How do I do multiple yarn overs?

I have a pattern that calls for 4 yarn overs and then on the next row, I need to knit those into k1,p1 twice. Thank you.

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Aug 23, 2021
4 yo and k1p1k1p1 into the yarn overs
by: Ratchadawan


I'm making a video to show you how to do 4 yarn overs and k1p1 twice into the yarn overs. Make sure there are 4 wraps showing on the needle before you're moving on to the next st.

On the knit side of the fabric, you only need to wrap it 3 times and bring yarn to the front, knit the next stitch with the yarn over. This will give you 4 wraps. On the purl side you wrap it 4 times.

On next row, you k1 on the 1st wrap, then bring yarn to the front, p1 on the second wrap, bring yarn to the back, k1 on the 3 wrap, bring yarn to the front and p1 on the last wrap.

It will feel strange at first but you'll get use to it. Just make sure not to let the yo's slip of the needle. If this happens, you can wrap it back on the needle.

Hope this helps. Thank you for visiting.

Happy knitting!


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