Help With Grandmother's Diagonal Lace Dishcloth

by Pat


I'm doing the pattern Grandmother's diagonal lace dishcloth.

You do 4 rows, and then repeat them.
Here's the row 1; k2,yo,pm,k lace row 1; pm, k to end.
Lace row is k1,k2tog,yo,k1, yo, ssk,k1.

Then when you repeat row1 says for subsequent repeats of row 1, replace pm.with k to marker.
My stitches count number don't come out right . Need help.



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Dec 02, 2017
Help with dishcloth pattern
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Pat,

What number didn't you get it right? Is it the number of sts that are inside the two markers or the sts that are outside the markers? You should gain more sts on each side of the markers but the inside should remain the same. You will keep gaining more sts outside the markers until you come to the decrease row. Make sure to keep the markers at the exact the same stitch location. If the lace sts don't come out right then you have to check make sure that you'd done the previous lace row right. It's the common problem with lace that sometimes it's very hard to catch where the mistake is. I would suggest you to check back on the last lace row.

Let me know if this doesn't help you at all. I will try finding time to make a video for you.

Thanks for sending in your question.


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