Help on a Fabulous Face Cloth pattern

by Erica Tankoos
(Boca Raton, Florida, USA)

Hello. I just received a Leisure Arts Beginner-Friendly Knitting Pattern book for Christmas this year, and I've decided to try following the Fabulous Face Cloth knitting pattern to knit myself a washcloth. The casting-on went so far so good, and so did Rows 1-3. But I have a question regarding a couple of steps in this knitting pattern.

Row 4 says, "K4, YO, knit across to the end of the row: 9 stitches," and Rows 5-49 say, "Repeat Row 4. At the end of Row 49: 54 stitches."

How do I follow these steps correctly to get from 9 stitches in Row 4 to 54 stitches in Row 49? To do this, how many times should I yarn over? Do I do it by knitting the first four stitches, doing a yarn over, knitting the next one stitch, doing another yarn over, and knitting the last four stitches to do Row 5, and I do the same for the rest of the rows, until Row 49, by knitting one more stitch in the first stitches, then doing a yarn over, then knitting the three YO stitches, then doing another yarn over, and then knitting one more stitch in the last stitches?

Thanks for your help.

Happy Holidays for 2022 and Happy New Year for 2023!

From Erica Tankoos.

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Dec 25, 2022
fabulous Face Cloth Pattern
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Erica,

Thank you for the question. Wow! you've already started working on your book. How wonderful!

You only have to do "YO" one time per row.
Every row you do, k4, yo and knit all the way to the end of the row.
Just keep doing it until you have 54 sts. That will be row 49.

The eyelets will appear at the edges and the piece will begin to expand into triangle. You then will get to work decrease.

Have fun making a face cloth. Merry Christmas!


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