Fixing a Dropped Turkish Rib Stitch

by Serena

Hello! I'm knitting a hat in the round by knitting 2 together, but before slipping them off the needle I knit into the first stitch, creating a diagonal pattern. It's not hard, but I cannot figure out how to repair it once I drop a stitch. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've restarted the hat many times already after trying to repair it unsuccessfully. Thank you!

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Mar 10, 2018
fixing a dropped Turkish stitch
by: Ratchadawan

I'm not sure if my suggestion would help but I'll give it a try.
When I fix a dropped st, I usually unravel the st above a dropped st until I get to it. Then I start fixing it by looking at how each row was done and then redo it. In your case you might have to unravel more than a stitch because it k2tog and also slanted. Check the columm of the dropped st and trace it up to the top and see where it end and how many sts are involved. then dropped all those sts off between the left and right needle until you reach the dropped st row. Start fixing your dropped st using 2 needles of the same size as the one you're working with. You fixing it by reknit the row you drop, then the rows above it until you complete all of the unraveled rows.

I know this is hard to comprehen. But I just don't know exactly how you dropped or where you dropped the sts. There are many types of Turkish stitches and I might tell you wrong. Is there anyway you can take a good big picture of your work showing where the dropped st and how the pattern look like? I would like to study it. It will help me a lot to see the picture.


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