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finding the beginning of my pattern

My marker fell off and now I do not know where I began knitting( 2 circular needles) How do I find my starting point ?



Sorry for not getting back to you soon enough. I was on a short vacation and my computer kept giving me trouble.

A lot of time I knit in circle without stitch marker which is not really recommended. What I usually do is to look back at my first round where I first joined my stitches together to form a circle. Usually, I find my first stitch a little bit longer than the others and at the base of my cast on is not as smooth as the other. Then I would trace a line along that first st until I reach the row I am working on.

I think this problem is not so bad when working with stockinette st because all sts are alike and you can miss or knit extra sts without an obvious notice. (if you can't notice , who can?). If you're working with more complex pattern, you can check and see where the pattern begins. For example, if a pattern says begin with k3, then you can look for beginning of k3. Twill help you better determine which is the right one.
I sure hope you solve this problem and continue your knitting project happily.

Wish you the best,


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