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Error and question

by Sue


If I started off with 140 stitches,
Then I had to knit 5,YO,SSK (k4, yo, ssk) to end of row except last 8stitches, those are knitted. How much should I have left on needle?

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Jan 24, 2021
Error and question
by: Ratchadawan

Hello Sue,

If you started out with 140 sts, you would have only 7 sts left not 8 sts as the pattern stated.

This is how I calculated this;

K5, yo, ssk are 7 sts total, (k4, yo, ssk are 6 sts total x 21 times = 126 sts total), and 7 sts left for knit stitches.

I hope this help clarify your question.
Thanks for the question and visit.


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