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Decrease on very TWO alternate rows

My pattern says “decrease on every TWO ALTERNATE ROWS” . I understand every alternate row but its the EVERY TWO ALTERNATE that is confusing me. Do I knit 2 rows and then decrease on both of the next two rows and then repeat?
I would be very grateful if anyone can help

Thank you

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Jan 03, 2021
Decrease every two alternate rows
by: Ratchadawan


In my opinion, "Decrease every two alternate rows" mean to decrease on the 2nd row and then work even 2 rows and then repeat.

So, the pattern should look like this;

Row 1: work even.
Row 2: work decrease
Row 3: work even.
Row 4: work even.
Repeat row 1-4 as many times as directed.

This is something new for me to.
Thank you for visiting and questioning.
Happy knitting!


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