Decrease on bottom of sweater but no numbers listed.

by Jane Kragness
(Eau Claire, WI)

I am making a sweater from Seamless knit sweaters in two weeks. The question is I am down to almost starting the ribbing in the bottom of the sweater. The pattern reads like this: k one round--at the same time dec 1 st somewhat evenly using k2tog. You should end with a multiple of 3. ON the next round transition the ribbing to k2,p1. This is the Landmark Cowl Pullover. I have 190 stitches in the body but doesn't tell me how many left after decreases.

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Jan 20, 2021
Decrease on the bottom of the sweater
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Jane,

You only need to decrease 1 st using k2 tog. You can do this at anywhere on the row since it's only 1 stitch decrease. Placing it anywhere would still be "evenly". I think this is a software generated pattern that why it's written that way. It would look a bit better if it says Dec 10 sts evenly instead of 1 st. This makes knitter confused because of the wording "evenly".

So, what you do on the next row is work to the center and k2tog and then work to the end. You should have 189 sts left on the needle which is a multiple of 3 as per instruction. Then you can proceed to the next rib 2x1 row.

Hope this makes sense.
Thank you for sharing your question with us. Happy knitting!


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