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Buttonhole Row Knitted Boy Sweater

by Daisy Ellis
(Houston, TX )

rib 3, (rib 2tog, yo, rib 10 sts) 3 times, rib 2tog yo, rib to the end. the rib 2tog are suppose to be knitted 2tog. I am have trouble with the yo. I don't understand what I am suppose to do.

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Jul 10, 2019
Buttonhole Row
by: Ratchadawan

You want to make sure that you make a hole after each rib2tog. So, in this case the rib2tog is k2tog which makes it less complicated.
After you've done k2tog, you then bring yarn into front of work and knit the next st while the yarn still in the front. You'll need to move the yarn over the right needle in oder to knit this stitch. This will create a buttonhole for you.

This video can help you;

Thanks for sending in your question.

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