Am I misreading instructions?

by Saelon

I’m trying to follow knitting instructions for shaping a sleeve cap but numbers aren’t adding up correctly.

The sleeve was knit from the cuff up, with shaping to increase to 99 st, then knit to 17.5” length before starting to shape cap.

So starting with 99 st, shaping instructions say:
BO 5 st at beg of next 2 rows once, 3 sts 2 times, and 2 sts 11 times, then BO 1 st at beg and end of every alt row 3 times, and 2 sts once. BO rem 23 sts.

My interpretation of the instructions and counting of remaining stitches are as follows:
Starting with 99:
BO 5 st at beginning of next 2 rows once. (I get 89 st remaining)
BO 3 st 2 times (I get 83 remaining)
BO 2 st 11 times (I get 61 remaining)
BO 1 st at beginning and end of every alternate row 3 times (sounds like 6 altogether, so 56 remaining)
BO 2 st once (I get 54 remaining)

How was I supposed to end up with 23 remaining stitches? Am I reading wrong or is the pattern written wrong?

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Feb 21, 2021
sleeve cap decrease instruction
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Saelon,

You've got most of it right except a few parts.
Here is what I've got.

Bo 5 sts on the next 2 rows = 99-10 = 89 sts.
The BO 3 sts 2 times, I think it means for 3sts on each side 2times = 12 sts. 89 -12 = 77 sts.
BO 2 st at each ends 11 time = 44 sts = 77 - 44 = 33sts
BO 1 sts at beg of every alt row 3 times, 6sts. 33-6 = 27 sts.
BO 2 st at each end once = 4 sts. 27-4 = 23 sts.

Thanks for sharing the question.
Happy knitting!


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