First Text to Video App in the World

You have probably already tried to make video editing with voice-overs created using Text to Speech (TTS) software ?

Was it easy ?

Did you find the result convincing ?

Did you say to yourself: "Whaouuu, it’s really bluffing !

Let's be honest a minute…the answer is NO !! It was simply totally disappointing ! 😭

You can always outsource your video editing and voice-overs... pay a few thousand dollars... spend a lot of time... manage a mountain of problems with remote freelancers... and all for an uncertain result... what a waste !!

But today, this nightmare is over ! 😃

There is a much simpler, much faster but mostly much cheaper way to turn any kind of text into a professional 100% human voices video... and all this with just a few clicks.

Today, you’re very lucky because there’s a brand new tool on its way to becoming THE #1 CONTENT CREATION SOLUTION in the world that will totally change your approach of marketing.

Ok but what is it ?

KLAPPZ is the most INNOVATIVE, FAST, QUALITATIVE and most importantly the LEAST EXPENSIVE solution in the content industry 💪. 

With its user-friendly interface and without any special computer knowledge, this incredible online application will allow you to make amazing videos in just a few clicks 😍. 

✔️Create audio-video podcasts with any type of text in just a few minutes

✔️Benefit from a library of over 30 million images and 2 million videos

✔️Feel free to use your own background images and videos.

✔️Access a catalog of over 350 Last Generation Neuromorphic voices in 52 different languages.

✔️Integrate professional background music into your podcasts

✔️Use a amazing new automatic subtitling function, the Klappz-KINETIC

Then take advantage of the POWER OF VIDEO by publishing your podcasts everywhere where before it was impossible !!!

So don't hesitate any longer !!

Let’s take advantage now off our -83% promotional launch offer with 30-day money back guarantee ! 💰😎

See Sample Video Here!

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