4 ply yarn cast on

by Heather
(Pinetown Durban RSA)

I have knitted a lace top and after knitting one sleeve cannot fit the sleeve in. How many stitches do I need to cast on for size 42 inch top? Hope you can help

God bless .
Heather W

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Jun 08, 2019
lace top sleeve
by: Ratchadawan

Do you have a pattern for this? or you design it yourself. It is very important to check your yarn gauge when making sweater. When you know your gauge then you can figure out how many sts you'll have to work with.
In your case, it's obviously your yarn is thinner than what it's called for. I don't know how many sts you have to cast on for size 42 because I don't have your gauge, but I can tell you how to figure this out.

First, find out your gauge (how many sts per inch your yarn give you). Then when you cast on you'll need to make it as long as the pattern calls for. For example, if the pattern call for 80 sts and it's 20 inch long (this means the pattern gauge is 4sts/inch). Then you'll need to cast on 20inch long. Let's just pretend that your gauge is 5sts per inch, then you'll need to cast on (5st x 20 = 100 sts) 100 sts instead of 80. Now, since you're working with laces, you'll need to considerate number of sts of each set of lace pattern and incorporate this into your cast on.

Another way to do this is to search for sweater patterns with similar size as your and see what the suggestions are. This is just to give you some idea. Here is one site that has a lot of free sweater patterns;


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