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Easy Knitting Monthly Newsletter, Issue #021. February 2014.
February 04, 2014

Are You Ready For A New Stitch?

Greeting Knitters,

What have you been working on?  I hope you're making something nice and cozy to keep you and your family warm this winter.  It has been very cold here in the States.  This is the time when I wish I could go live in Thailand with my sister for awhile.

This past month I've been working on little projects like headbands, a coaster, and a cat sweater for my daughter.  (I'm sure my other daughter will also want one for her cat!)  I'm also working on lace shawl, girl skirt and infinity scarf which will be featured in my Etsy shop later on.

Here are newly added patterns for this month;

Headband with a bow - This one is simple and it require only knit and purl sts.

Star Headband - This is a little more challenging but worth a try.

I did a little taping while I was knitting the Star Headband.  It shows how to make star stitch.  You can view video at; How to knit start stitch headband

If you missed last month newsletter, you might missed this Happy New Year scarf.  I made this one for my friend and she love it.  The alpaca keeps her nice and warm.

What Have Other Knitters Been Looking At This Past Month?

Here are the top ten most visited patterns (according to my traffic stat) in January, 2014.

1. Easy Lacy Headband **my favorite**
2. Happy New Year Scarf
3. 320-Stars Headband
4. Accidental Cowl
5. Easy Knitting Patterns
6. Potato Chip Scarf
7. Raglan Sweater
8. Knitting Stitches
9. Dishcloth Knitting Patterns
10. Women Sweater And Cardigan Patterns

New to knitting?  Knitting Lesson Plan is a good place to start. Then follow each steps mentioned in the plan. Good luck on your journey.

Happy Knitting!

Ratcha Chambers

Yours Knitting Friend

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