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Easy Knitting Newsletter, Issue #017. June 2013.
June 01, 2013

Knitting With Multiple Colors

Hello Knitters,

How is your knitting skills coming along so far? Are you looking for a new way to challenge yourself? Why don't try "Intarsia knitting" or "Picture Knitting", a knitting that involves with more than 1 color and more than 1 skein of yarn.

You don't need to work with too many colors at a time. Just start out with two first then three and so forth. What I think it's great about this type of knitting is that you can create you own pattern using simple graph paper. There are free intarsia and knitting graph paper generators at the following sites;

Here are some examples of my Intarsia knitting;

"A Halloween Boo Bag" I knitted for my daughter last year. My daughter designed the ghost

A Heart washcloth with red and blue background

Here are some of many helpful videos on how to knit Basic Intarsia on Youtube;

Basic Intarsia Knitting

Colorwork: Intarsia Basics

Feature Pattern

Monthly feature pattern I've got for you this month also comes in many colors. (It's Spring I can't help it!) Here it is a 3-color potholder. This type of knitting is called Fairisle knitting. It involves repeating the same pattern and carrying yarns across the work back and forth. You can find this patter at;

I hope you give it a try and enjoy knitting and creating beautiful things with all the colors your love.

Spring and Summer Greatest Knit

Potato Chip Scarf

Light Summer Scarf

Lacy Zigzag Scarf

Easy Summer Skirt For Girl

Stay Cool and Have a Happy Knitting!

Ratcha Chambers

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