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Easy Knitting Newsletter, Issue #018. August 2013.
August 01, 2013

One Skein Knitting

Greeting Knitters,

Last month I skipped the newsletter due to my hectic schedule from cross-country traveling to finding a new home for relocating. We sold our house in Maryland as soon as it hit the market and now we're about to move in a new home in Bellingham, Washington. I'm glad things are gradually settling down so I can spend a little more time doing what I love to do. Bellingham is a great place to be and its air quality is excellent. Further more it has many yarn shops!

Beautiful Seascape at Larrabee State Park near Bellingham

In this issue, I am focusing on knitting with one skein of yarn or less. I like to take knitting along with me on trips and I enjoy working with small project. If I have a large project on hand I would put it on hold and work on small project instead.

Here are couples small project you can knit with just one skein of yarn.

Sock Yarn Eyeglasses Case - a quick project to do with left over sock yarn. Click on link to learn more.

My First Felted Basket - Intimidate-free felting. This felting technique is so basic. Just knit and wash it in a washer and you'll see the magic. I had fun working with this project. Click to learn more.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite have time to write a pattern for this bookmark yet. I'm sure it will be done by next month. Please check back on the next issue.

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Visit; My Youtube Knitting Videos to learn more about different knitting technique.

Thank you and Happy Knitting!

Ratcha Chambers

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