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Easy Knitting Newsletter, Issue #010. June, 2012.
August 02, 2012

Easy Knitting Newsletter - Happy August !

Hello from Maryland,

Did you know that August 12 is a mother's day in Thailand? (The Queen's Birthday). So I would take this opportunity to say "Happy mother's day!" to all the mums and all the women. You deserve as many Happy Mother's Day as you can. I have to admit that I haven't been knitting a whole lot this past month because of the hot weather. We're just taking it easy and enjoy the Summer. The little garden in the back yard is doing well and produced plenty of tomatoes and zucchini. In fact, I just had some fresh tomato and cottage cheese for lunch! The girls and I also just finished dropping some tomatoes off at our friend's house.

I'm still enjoying working on my website a lot (which is a good thing). I'm not sure where it will take me but at the moment I am focusing on helping those who need my help and design more pretty and easy patterns. As for now I'm happy just to be able to earn little extra income to pay for my web service and my knitting supplies.

Here are the Summary of what's been published on the website this past month.

What is double knit (DK) Weight Yarn

How To K1,P1,K1 Into The Next Stitch

Wrapping Technique When Turning At The End Of A Row

This month feature easy knitting patterns is Feather and Fan Top

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See you again in September,

Ratcha Chambers

creator of, a website built by myself using SBI


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