Happy Chinese New Year - A Year Of Happiness And Success

Dear knitters,

January quickly zipped by just like that. Next thing I knew it was time to write this monthly newsletter again. I've already wished you a happy new year in a previous newsletter, but I will say it again anyhow. This time it is a "Happy Chinese New year!" This is a year of a "Black Water Dragon" which should bring happiness and success. It's no better time to start a new knitting project. So, I'd say let's get out those needles and yarn and start knitting!

This past month I've been working on a couple of new easy patterns for girls' skirts. One is a double-eyelet-rib pattern and another is a scallop pattern. I only finished written the double-eyelet-rib skirt and the scallop pattern should be up in a few days. Other new patterns include Ridged-Eyelet-Border Placemat and His and Her Mitten. Both placemat and mittens are pretty easy to knit.

Stop by to read knitting questions from many visitors. You might find some thing helpful there.

Valentine's Day is coming up. Remember to send you love one a special some thing. It just to remind them how much you care.

Thank you for opening my mail. Have a wonderful day!

Ratcha Chambers



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