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Easy Knitting Newsletter, Issue #011. September, 2012.
September 05, 2012

Back To School, Finally!

Hello from Maryland,

The kids are off to school and the husband is back to teaching. I'm having the whole house by myself!

August was a busy month for me trying to get the kids ready for school and get the house in shape for the market in Spring. There is much more painting and repairing to do. It's amazing how much stuffs we've accumulated in the past 14 years since our last move.

My daughter and I had put out our first knitting pattern for sell at and Revelry Store as well as in our own website. This is quite an exciting thing for me since I'd never even thought about making a pattern before I started this site!

What's new this month? Here are some new issues added to the site since the last issue.

- Photos from visitor/knitter showing the skirts she knitted for her granddaughter.

- Knitting question regarding yrn and yo

- What is yf stitch?

- Eiffel Tower Stitch pattern, a cute pattern for your next project.

That's pretty much about it for this issue.

My Pinterest profile is at; you can follow me there if you like.

See you again in October,

Ratcha Chambers

creator of, a website built by myself using SBI

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