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Knitting Tip - How much yarn to leave when making long tail cast on

by Ratcha

Before I learned about this knitting tip, I used to leave too little or too long of yarn when casting on using a long tail method.

I've learned that leaving about an inch of yarn per a stitch would give me just about the right amount of yarn to do my long tail cast on. For example, if I wanted to cast on 30 stitches, I would start my slipknot at about 30 inches from the tip of the yarn. This way, I don't have to waste a lot of yarn and I don't have waste my time redo the cast on.

Another tip I learn about how much yarn it takes to complete a row is to measure the yarn about 3 times of the length of the row you want to knit. So if you're in doubt whether you'll complete a row with that last bit of yarn, you can simply measure the yarn 3 times as long as your row. You don't want to run out of yarn in the middle of the row. Well, that if you don't mind a bumpy look in the middle of your project.

I personally think starting a new skein of yarn at the beginning of a row makes a project much more neater.

That's my knitting tips for today! Hope they come in handy.

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